We are proud to provide high-quality legal representation to public and private employers. We offer personalized, accessible service to meet the technical needs of our clients. Please explore our various services below and contact us to discuss your needs.

Workers’ Compensation Defense

The right defense against a worker’s compensation claim can save you millions of dollars. As successful worker’s compensation defense attorneys, we understand the challenges faced by your organization in the face of employment litigation.You have responsibilities to address potential workplace-related injuries. Even if you suspect fraud, actively participating and cooperating with an investigation is important. Our team will advise you on the proper steps throughout the discovery and litigation process. When you hire O’Connor * Telezinski, you feel the reassurance of being defended by experienced worker’s compensation lawyers committed to cost-effective solutions.

Uninsured Employers

Although California Worker’s Compensation laws require all businesses with one or more employees to have insurance, that doesn’t mean you got it. If you did, perhaps you didn’t have enough coverage or the right kind. In some cases even a sole proprietor must carry worker’s compensation insurance.

Now you have an employee claim and face civil litigation. There may even be criminal prosecution looming. It is time for the team of O’Connor * Telezinski to protect your organization. You may face violations for failing to post a “Notice to Employees” poster or failing to honor the imposed work restrictions of an injured employee. Do not face these allegations alone. Contact our office today to begin your defense preparation.

Serious & Willful Misconduct

Allegations of §132a violations involving employer serious and willful misconduct are now more dangerous than ever. Such issues are more prevalent as permanent disability benefits decline. You may have multiple defenses available to you against a claim of serious and willful misconduct. We will conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation to properly prepare your defense. We bring substantial California business defense experience to the table and will work with you through all phases of litigation.

Whether you are self-insured, public, or private, we offer a successful combination of experience, skill, efficiency, and creativity. Put our more than 40 years of experience to work for you.

Employment Law

Employment law is a broad field that impacts many elements of your organization. Our staff of seasoned professionals will answer your employment law questions. We have you covered in all areas from employee handbook creation to proper hiring and termination procedures. Whether you are involved in employment-related litigation or want to ensure your internal policies are up-to-date, we bring the experience and specialization to help.

Ms. O’Connor and Mr. Telezinski both hold professional designations of Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities (ARM-P) which provided added value for clients dealing with issues related to risk management. Additionally, Ms. O’Connor also holds the Certified School Risk Manager (SCRM) professional designation.

Business Law

Whether a small business owner or a manager in a large self-insured enterprise, many of the same business regulations apply. Staying abreast of the various legislative and judicial actions is time consuming and requires experience in legal interpretation. We will work with you to ensure your business is properly protected and acting in your best interest. From general advice and review to litigation, our team will represent you in every phase.

Our goal is to ensure the financial health and operational viability of your business with cost-efficient legal solutions. We can assist with the negotiation of terms or structure of legal relationships through contracts. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you and find peace-of-mind.